Samed Tubtim Resort 1 COVID-19 Update

Welcome Back to Samed Tubtim Resort

Since 1st July we reopen with the New Normal standards of safety and social distancing.
All visitors will be Thermo scanned and checked in with the Thai Chana Platform. Additional guidelines will be provided by the Receptionists.

Special room price with Samed ferry or White Shark speed boat service! Start from 10th September until 22nd October 2020. Valid only for directly air-conditioned room reservation with resort.

Samed Tubtim Resort Team is still determined at all tasks to create an enjoyable experience for all our dear guests after a temporarly clousure during the pandamic of the COVID-19. Meanwhile, we have been enhancing safety measure as follows:

- Establishing a screening point for either staff before their shifts or guests. As if anyone has any symptom of cough, fever or breath racers there will be an initial support staff ready to take to the nearest clinic for further care and treatment.

- Everyone in every position wears a mask and a face-shield while performing the duties.

- The housekeepers use standard disinfectants to clean the rooms, appliances, door handles and all parts of the resort.

- Providing alcohol hand wash gel for cleaning and sanitizing for customers and staff in various areas.

- At the lobby and restaurant areas, the standard disinfectant are strictly used to clean the tables and chairs whether before or after service guests. Therefore, all of our dear guests can be assured all the staff and management at Samed Tubtim Resort are concerning about and caring for the hygiene of every guest.

We will take care and do our best action to prevent the spread of the COVID-19 virus as efficiently as possible to make every stay of our dear guest happy and carefree.

With our warm regards.

Free drinking water per day according to number of guests register
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